Risograph Printing

When I did some research for the visual style of my graduation film, I prefer pictures with beautiful colours and simple lines. So I collected some graphic design work and I was new but interested at a printing technique called risograph printing. All printed work are very beautiful so I have a idea of printing some drawing work with this technique .

Before long, I got inspiration from a graduation film called Ilussion, which is mixed with screen printing technique and animation techniques. I was attracted by her film before, but I figured out how she made it when I watched a video about stories behind scenes. Then a idea of mixing risograph printing and animation techniques occured to me.

But I met the first problem soon because of high expenses. I started to connect several riso printing in London and in China. Since risograph printing is normally used for press and I was not that supported by them.

Then I found risograph printing at Lcc and did a test there for a day.



When results came out, I was very excited and then cut every frame in Photoshop and set new timeline according to my animation in TVPaint. Here are results.

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