Selecting Paper

Since the results of printing relates to paper and colors I used, I need to choose papers carefully. Also, the texture of papers has influenced, which may decide the quality of printing. Plus, the colours has their importance to atmospheres in different scenes, which links to the design of characters and backgrounds.

There’s a shop nearby Victoria, called Shepherds Inc. Fine Papers. There are many beautiful papers for making a book or cards with special texture or patterns. Blue colour was what I wanted before and I found perfect one here, since it is light blue and not that gray as well.

Then I started to struggle with yellow and pink, since I designed other colour and blue can form contrast. And I did colour board first and then go out to find suitable papers.

I collected information about paper store online, as A3 paper is not so popular, I visited some shops one by one. Finally, I found suitable pink and yellow. But considering cutting of A2 papers, I chose yellow papers at the end.

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