Risoprinting Studio

Since I want to apply riso printing techniques to my graduation film, I learned from some risograph studios at first. They normally introduce risoprinting techniques online and some work represented on their website or social media.

1. Hato Press
Hato Press is a big studio, I think. Since they have many available colours and offers half-day workshops sometimes. And they sell printed works, cooperated with different artists.

2. Housework Press (http://housework.press)
They have practiced another visual style by using CMYK colour tones. For four-colour printing, it looks more abandoned. The style is old-fashioned because of riso inks.

3. Risotto Studio (https://www.risottostudio.com)
It’s the largest studio I have known so far. On their website, it provides digital version of riso inks ans papers. Based on many choices, you can mix them online, which is very convenient to know printing results mostly.

4. Rabbit Road Press (https://www.rabbitsroadpress.com)
It is a self-supported studio and printing by yourself is the main reason why it is much cheaper than other studios. Staffs are very nice to help you so it is better choices if you want to print a lot.

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