• [Children Society’s Project] – Animatic

    There are mainly two versions of the animatic for this animated documentary. I think about the process of creating and changes I made for this film. I found myself understanding deeper animated documentary and visual language could be used in animation. The first version (password:0000): The second version(password:0000):

  • About Satoshi Kon

    Satoshi Kon was a young animation director, born in 1963. When he studied in high school, he was influenced by his close friend, who is a manga artist. After graduating from a university, he became a manga artist. Sometimes, he was responsible for screen writing, layout and animation in some projects. Then, he had a …

  • [Life Drawing]-25/05&01/06

    25/05/2017 01/06/2017

  • [Childern Society’s Project] – Character Design

    About the character in my film for Children Society, I have designed two visions. Since there is basically a young boy in my film, I have lots of ideas about the young teenager. In order to much closer to a school boy in British, I do some research from collecting some pictures and watching a documentary named …

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