• [WEEK8] – Emotion Change Walking

    There is an exercise for walking again, with different emotions though. I did some research on the rhythm of walking and movement of different parts of body, such as arms, shoulder, spin and so on. It turns out that drawing legs and feet first is a better choice. Body language is amazing, different poses tell …

  • About Shunji Iwai

    Shunji Iwai is one of my favourite Japanese film directors, who is video artist, writer and documentary maker as well. I just watched his latest film A Bride for Rip Van Winkle and was deeply impressed by beautiful scenes in the moive. I think Shunji Iwai is good at interpreting color visually. In one of main scenes, there is a …

  • [WEEK4] – JUMPING(by TVP)

    Last week, I have learnt some fundamental principles of animation from Steve, including anticipation, overlapping action and arcs. I need to practice and apply what I have, so I designed a character and did some exercise relating to her. BTW, distortion is an interesting part when I draw animation.

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